Tennis Betting Guide for Beginners

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Whether you are one of the devoted tennis fan or if you have limited information about the sport, tennis is a great field for sports betting due to many reasons.

The tennis calendar runs all year round so you are sure to find an event to bet on whenever you decide. Tennis bets are not only about final results but also about court style, player form and match price.

Like all other sports, the unlikely favourites are often the best bets in tennis, followed by the underdogs who are known to turn things around. Then, the favourites if they have a strong lead over their opponents. Visit also the top UK online casinos.

TOP Non GamStop Tennis Betting Sites

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As you can see, there are a lot of guaranteed winning opportunities in tennis bets. However, unfortunately, accessing the most-valued tennis bets can be difficult for novice bettors.

Fortunately, we’re here to help! We have been playing tennis for almost 10 years and have been able to make big profits by applying multiple strategies, such as choosing inefficient parts of the market and betting on bookmakers that have weak scouts. If you haven’t thought about these aspects before, this page is your starting point!

Best Tennis betting sites

Knowing who or what you are betting on is only a small part of the equation. Some novice bettors exaggerate it or think that the whole betting process boils down to choosing the winning player, but this is not true! One of the biggest decisions you will have to make in your tennis betting journey is choosing the right bookmaker. Do you think this factor doesn’t matter? Then, you have to think again!

If you choose the right sports betting site, you will get instant deposits and fast withdrawals. In addition, you will benefit from multiple bonuses that you can count on to bet on more matches and get higher profits.

You can also get cashback offers that reduce your losses in the long run and also secure your profits. Below, we have listed the best tennis sports betting sites:

  • SlotoNauts
  • Winner
  • Spicy Jackpots
  • Winstler
  • Midnight Wins
  • Jimmy Winner
  • Lucky Barry
  • Lucky Manor
  • JellyBean
  • Fresh Bet

Tennis Betting Strategy

Now after you know where to bet, you should be equipped with the basic knowledge of who and what you are betting on. Below, we have summarized the most important types of tennis bets. Contrary to the common belief, you can bet on a lot more aspects of tennis than just the winner of the match or tournament. However, remember that just because there is a wide range of bets available does not mean you have to choose them all. In fact, if you decide to stick to one or two betting options that is perfectly fine.

Outright Winner

The most popular bet in all sports, including tennis, is the winner bet. Also, this bet requires the player to predict the winner of the tournament, and this bet does not require any other variable to be specified. Do you think Nadal will win the next tournament? So, you can bet on him, and if he wins, you win your bet.

The profit margin for this bet varies from site to site and event to event. However, the general rule that applies to all tennis bets is that the heavier the favourite, the smaller the payout. Similarly, the weaker the underdog, the higher the payout.

Match Betting

This bet is similar to the previous type, except that instead of choosing the winner of the whole tournament, you choose the winner of the singles match.

Since the tennis match is between two players, any option you bet on has a theoretical winning probability of 50%. However, the odds of players winning a match are often not 50% since each event has a favourite and an underdog and the payout odds are formulated on this basis. Again, betting on the favourite pays lower, while betting on the underdog pays higher.

Handicap Bet

Do you expect a player to perform better than expected but is likely – for one reason or another – to lose the match? So, in this case, the handicap bet might be the best.

Handicap betting in tennis is similar to spread betting in other sports where the bookmaker determines the winning margin between the favourite and the underdog.


An over/under bet in tennis is a bet on the total number of games played in a match. As with over/under bets in other sports, you are not required to choose a winner here, you just need to predict the number of sets of the match will take to complete.

Exact Score

If you are an absolute tennis magician, this bet is definitely for you! Exact score betting allows you to predict the exact outcome of the match, of each individual group, or the exact score of one game within a set. As you can already expect, this can be quite challenging and therefore it offers very generous payouts.

Prop Bets

Prop bets can be very profitable. However, these bets are very difficult to predict. Prop bets allow punters to place wagers on aspects of the game. Instead of betting on a player to win or score, you bet on events that may or may not happen during the course of a tennis match. Here are some of the most prominent examples of prop bets that you can come across at non GamStop bookmakers:

  • Will the match witness a tie-break?
  • Number of sets for the winner to achieve victory
  • In which round will player X be eliminated?
  • Fastest serve during the match

As you can see, there are many creative options here, and this is just a sampling of what you can find at non GamStop bookmakers.


Now, you have all the tools and tips you need to enter the world of tennis betting with confidence. Does this mean that you will win every bet you place? While we hope this is the case of course it is very likely not to be the case. Thus, we advise you to be prudent in choosing your bets, so you can really beat the odds. In addition, we always advise you to start small and test your new strategy before you decide to take your betting to the next level.

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