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“Any product that requires instructions, is simply unsuccessful.” – Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal.

This quote applies perfectly to PayPal which is one of the first and most well-known online payment system.

It is possible that you have a PayPal account and use it to shop or transfer money to family and friends as this service is one of the most accepted and popular payment methods on the web.

TOP PayPal Alternative Non GamStop Casinos

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Last Updated: 6 October 2022

Slots Muse
100 FS Bonus
500% in total 5 deposits
a max value of €5,000 and 750 fs 🎠
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Twinky Wins
100% Bonus x35W
the first 5 deposits
a max value of €5,000 and 875 free spins 🎯
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Yummy Wins
12% Bonus
From €40
x1 wager bonus which can be worth up to €1,000 😋
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Shiny Joker
120% Bonus
From €10-40
triple welcome bonus which can be worth up to €3,000 🃏
T&Cs apply
Bonus Strike Casino
100% Bonus
From €40
up to €1,000 bonus strike! +100FS 🥌
T&Cs apply
Slottio Casino
450% Bonus
From €20
Get your 3x welcome bonus of up to €3,500! 🚀
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Richy Fish
475% Bonus
From €40
GET your 3x welcome bonus of up to €3,000! 🪝
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Casa Boonga
200% Bonus
450% in total 3 deposits
a max value of €3500 🚀
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Papaya Wins
450% Bonus
Min dep €40
Get your 3x welcome bonus of up to €3,000! 🌴
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Jimmy Winner
525% Bonus
Min dep €10 - €40
Start your triple welcome bonus of up to €3,000! 👯
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Voodoo Wins
175% Bonus
From more than €40 deposit
You will start your triple welcome bonus of up to €3,000! 🇮🇴
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400% Bonus
From €25 deposit
Get your triple welcome bonus of up to €3,000!
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Jammy Jack
150% Bonus
From more than €30 deposit
You will start your journey here with a six-stage welcome bonus of up to €6,000!
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Winner Casino
400% Bonus
From $25 deposit
You will get a great offer of 400% up to €4,000 and 100 free spins.
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Hawaii Spins
200% Bonus
From more than €40 deposit
Immediately after making the first deposit you can get a fantastic bonus of 200% up to 1,000 euros.
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525% Bonus
Min dep €20
2x welcome bonus of up to €1,000!
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JellyBean Casino
100% Bonus
From more than €20 deposit
up to €1,000 and 20 fs. 🎲
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Richy Reels
100% Bonus
From more than €40 deposit
New players can get the rare no deposit bonus of €10 by simply signing up at the casino
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Fire Scatters
450% Bonus
From more than €30 deposit
The percentage of bonuses for 3 deposits is 450% and the max value of the welcome offer is €3,000
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100% Bonus
From more than €20 deposit
up to €1,000 and 20 fs. 🎲
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Jinx Casino
200% Bonus
Depositing as much as possible, means that you will get a bonus of 3,000 euros in your account along with the value of your deposit as well!
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Slot Hive
225% Bonus
Min dep €20
Microgaming, NetEnt, Play'nGO! 🍀
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345 Spins
200% Bonus
from deposit of $20 or more
You can get a bonus of 200% and up to €3,000 on your second deposit.
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125% Bonus
Min deposit €30
Immediately after making your first deposit, you will get a fantastic bonus of 125% up to €5,000.
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100% Bonus
an initial deposit of $20 or more
With your first deposit, you will receive a 100% matching bonus of up to €200.
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The wallet was created in 1998. At that early time the wallet was aimed at facilitating transactions on eBay. With the development of tech, PayPal has become an independent payment system in its own right. Any business owner can incorporate it into their cashier section for their customers to use.

At the time of writing this text, according to the company’s official website, PayPal had more than 305 million active accounts.

Obviously, you can use PayPal for many things, but on this page we will focus on using PayPal as a payment method at non GamStop casinos. In addition, we’ll also go over how PayPal works, what UK players can expect, and what fees you should be aware of.

You will also notice that we have compiled a list of recommended PayPal casinos as well.

Create a PayPal Account & Top Up Your Balance

It is possible that everyone reading this text already has a PayPal user account. So, he can go straight to a casino without GamStop that we recommend. For the rest of the readers, we’ll summarize the whole process in the following simple steps:

  • Navigate to the PayPal website (either using your smartphone or desktop).
  • Click on the signup form
  • The signup form will appear asking you to enter your name, address, phone number, e-mail and a password of your choice.
Choosing Your Password

The most important thing in the beginning is to choose a well-thought-out password for your account which should have the following attributes:

  • The password is a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.
  • It has 10 or more characters.
  • Do not share it with anyone else even if they are close to you.

The next step is to link your own bank account or, alternatively, your credit card to your PayPal account.

It is important to remember that you can only use an account or bank card if the owner’s name matches the name you previously provided to PayPal. This means that you cannot use someone else’s account.

After that, PayPal will transfer a small amount (0.01 EUR). The code in the subject of the transfer is important, because you are entering it on the PayPal wallet site.

If you want to link a bank card, PayPal will charge a fee of €1.5 and a message will be sent to your smartphone with a four-digit code that you must enter into your user account. After that, you will get the 1.5 EUR immediately refunded.

After completing this step, the next step is to link your bank account or bank card to your PayPal account. To do this, all you have to do is go to the casino that supports PayPal. Then, go to the cashier section and select PayPal as your preferred method.

After that, the casino will redirect you to the PayPal website again where you can enter the deposit amount and approve the transaction.

PayPal OneTouch

PayPal OneTouch allows you to remain registered permanently. This gives you the option to pay directly without having to enter your details every time. Simply activate this function using your smartphone, tablet or desktop easily. Of course, when you use this feature PayPal will continue to check transactions for suspicious activities and your account settings can only be changed by entering your password. However, to be on the safe side, you can deactivate this feature if someone else has access to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Create an Account at a Non GamStop Casino of Your Choice

Creating an account at a non GamStop casino is easier. Name, address, date of birth and email address are enough and you are now. You can then test all the games and functions for free at your leisure. During this time, familiarize yourself with the terms and ask customer service as many questions as you like. If you feel comfortable with the casino and are well informed, you can make your first deposit via PayPal.

Quick Signup at PayPal Casinos

Although the quick sign up feature is not available in all online casinos but if you find it you will definitely save a huge amount of time. Thanks to the quick signup feature, you do not have to enter your details when trying to sign up at the casino.

All you have to do is enter your email and password. Then, you can start playing right away. After that, the casino can get all of your data through the same PayPal wallet.

How to Deposit at PayPal Casinos not on gamstop?

To make a deposit with PayPal all you have to do is go to the cashier section of your casino.

After that, click on the deposit button. There you can select PayPal from the list of available payment methods.

In our test, we found that PayPal casinos differ slightly from each other in the deposit steps, but, in general, the steps are very similar! At every casino without GamStop, all you have to do is enter your email address and deposit amount and confirm to the transaction.

After that, you can start playing with your deposit balance and bonus amount. In this case, you have to abide by the minimum deposit requirement and other conditions as well.

What Should You Pay Attention to When Depositing With PayPal?

If you want to use PayPal to make your deposits at an online casino you should note the following points:

Processing Time For Transactions

Most of the time, deposits are approved instantly, while withdrawals require a period of one to three working days. The funds will then be credited to your PayPal account.

ID Check

All non GamStop casinos are required to apply a KYC procedure to all new players. The verification is performed before the first withdrawal request. In this case, the casino will ask you to verify your personal info to prevent money laundering and unauthorized access to your funds.

Customer Service will ask for a copy of your ID and electricity or water bill to confirm your name, address and ID.

No Withdrawal With Active Bonus

One of the most important conditions that new casino players overlook is the inability to withdraw winnings if there is an active bonus in your account. In this case, the bonus and winnings will be forfeited.

Withdrawals Are Possible, But Require a Period Ranging From One to Three Working Days

To get the funds in your PayPal account, you can select e-wallet as the payment method at the casino and enter the amount you want. After the transaction processing period has passed, the funds will be released.

PayPal Fees & Limits
Sending moneyFree
Receiving money3.99% + $0.35
Recharge PayPal balance with credit cardFree
Recharge PayPal balance with bank transferFree
Dormancy fees0%

None, There are casinos that charge a fee for your transactions. It is best to avoid such casinos at all.

When withdrawing winnings, the normal PayPal fee is also due. It is better to make all your transactions in one currency, the euro for example. This way you can save a lot of transfer fees between currencies.

PayPal Fraud Is Impossible!

PayPal is one of the most secure payment methods on the Internet and it has built quite a reputation for itself over more than 20 years. During this long period, PayPal wallet was quickly incorporating any new security technology to protect players’ accounts from hacking.

The security of any financial system depends on a number of interdependent factors. Only when each step is sufficiently secure can the entire system be considered immune. As it is known, the strength of the chain is no less than that of its weakest link. So, how does PayPal tackle this challenge?

The security measures used include the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) encryption protocol, which is usually sent in plain text over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Therefore, unauthorized parties cannot read your sensitive data.

You can easily verify the existence of this protocol for yourself. If PayPal is prefixed with “https://” then your connection to the site is completely secure.

Furthermore, you can use the PayPal Security Key for a higher level of security. With this technology a unique digital code is generated that cannot be traced, duplicated or hacked as it remains valid for only 30 seconds. Thus, the attacker cannot access or hack your wallet.

If you, or anyone else, try to enter the password for the PayPal account incorrectly three times in a row, the wallet will ask you to wait for a certain period before try to login again or change your password.

Does PayPal Protection Apply to Non GamStop Casinos?

Not all transactions are processed directly between the sender and reciever, but are carried out by PayPal as an intermediary. Therefore, the parties involved in the payment process only receive the necessary info. In other words, the parties involved in the payment process only receive the necessary info.

Pros & Cons of PayPal

Over the past two decades, PayPal has become a leader in digital payments by far from its biggest competitors, Skrill and Neteller. However, as the famous example says, where there is light there is also shadow. That is why it is important to compare the pros and cons to be able to make an appropriate decision whether to use PayPal or to use another payment method.


Ease of use on all devices

With ease, you can use PayPal on smartphones and tablets. You can also download the app or use the browser based platform easily. All you have to do is just enter your email and password. This will be more than enough to pay for any product or service worldwide quickly and easily.


PayPal has been known for more than two decades which is more than enough period to build an excellent reputation among users around the world.

Currently, PayPal has more than 300 million active accounts. This makes it the most widely used payment method after both Visa and MasterCard.

In addition, PayPal supports more than thirty currencies including the US dollar, the euro, the British pound, and the Canadian dollar.

This company processes several billion transactions each year and processes hundreds of millions every day.

A company of this size cannot make mistakes that undermine its reputation. So the criticism of PayPal is negligible. 

Proven Security & Buyer Protection

Although PayPal is a payment system, it offers a very high level of security that is almost better than buying with cash.

Both the seller and the buyer are fully protected here as the parties to the transaction only get the info necessary. Therefore, neither party can be in danger.


Although the picture of PayPal is rosy so far, there are some drawbacks that you should take into account. Unfortunately, the company has made negative headlines in recent years, but this is mainly due to users’ ignorance of the terms of service. In fact, PayPal does not give any chance to users who ignore the importance of the conditions and bans their accounts immediately.

Therefore, it is important that you read the terms of service. In addition, if you receive a message in your email that the conditions have been modified, you should read it carefully. In the next section, we will take a look at the main downsides of this service.

Transaction Limits Are Low

The max limit for deposits, money transfers, withdrawals and balance for personal accounts is 5,000 EUR/USD.

If you exceed this limit the account will be suspended. Note that customer service will not be aware of why your account has been suspended and will assume that the problem lies with your bank card being used.

The solution to this problem is to upgrade your account to a business account. This way, you can get higher limits for your transactions. Of course, PayPal will not ask you to provide personal documents or data for your business.

Unjustified Suspension of Accounts

Accounts can often be unjustifiably suspended. This can be annoying to people, but it seriously threatens the existence of a company! In addition, the process of releasing funds often takes several weeks. Common reasons for account suspension are account duplication, inconsistent details, or if fraudulent activities are taking place on your account. These are the standard checklists they use to keep their platform safe for all users.

High Fees

Another drawback of PayPal is the high fees. PayPal fees are higher than other competing e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. In addition, the fee structure is relatively confusing because often the higher fees and they depends on where you reside. This means that if someone transfers the money to you, you will have less control over the costs, because it is always the recipient who pays the service fee in PayPal.

PayPal Alternatives for GamStop Players

The downsides of PayPal may make you consider alternatives. Fortunately, there is still a wide range of patment methods that British players can use. In the next section, you can find a list of reliable PayPal alternatives.

Visa & MasterCard

In general, Visa and MasterCard cards are the most popular and widely used payment methods in the world.

You can easily get these cards through any bank in the world, with little or no fees at all.

Visa and MasterCard cards support all currencies without conversion fees.

Perhaps the only drawback of MasterCard cards is that they do not accept withdrawals, while Visa cards do not accept withdrawals.


Alternative e-wallets to PayPal are like Skrill, Neteller and MuchBetter. The main advantage of e-wallets is that they fully protect users’ data, and do not share it with the other party. E-wallets keep your banking info secure and tend to be faster, especially for making withdrawals. However, there are some drawbacks of e-wallets as you have to find another payment methods to charge your account. Another negative point is that new regulations may prohibit the use of e-wallets at gambling sites. There are many non gamstop bookmakers with ewallets.

Prepaid Cards

There are two types of prepaid cards which are single use cards and multi use cards. You can use these cards at the supermarkets, at the gas stations or at banks. You can also buy prepaid vouchers online. However, there are some downsides of prepaid cards perhaps most notably that you need to get out of your house to buy a voucher, and you also need to use another method to buy prepaid cards.

Bank Transfer

You can use bank transfer to easily transact at online casinos. However, you will have to wait a little longer for the money to appear in your bank account. Therefore, it is always better to use bank cards.


The world’s most famous cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. However, there are plenty of other coins that you can use such as Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin. You can easily buy cryptos through digital wallets or crypto portals. The biggest advantage of cryptos is that they offer users higher limits, as well as give them a high level of anonymity, security, and above all, faster withdrawals.

What Are the Transaction Limits at PayPal casinos not on gamstop?

A PayPal casino also has a max limit of deposits. This limit is there to prevent fraud and money laundering. Don’t worry, because the upper transaction limit is still quite high. The max amounts that you can deposit/ withdraw at one time are between €10,000 and €50,000 at most PayPal casinos.

The cashouts limit is also low. The limit is often €100,000 in one go, but there are also exceptions that do not apply a max amount. For high rollers, there are sometimes VIP programmes available where that limit is higher.

Beware of Spam & Phishing Scams!

Since there are millions of users who depend on PayPal for their transactions on the internet, there are plenty of scammers trying to hide behind the famous logo and use it to enrich themselves.

For example, you might get emails from mail ([email protected]) claiming that your account is at risk and you need to quickly access it to change your password, enter info like passwords and credit card numbers, or open an attachment!

Depending on the following tips, you can get the highest level of protection when using PayPal for your transactions:

  • PayPal will never ask for your personal or sensitive info! PayPal will never ask you to provide any sensitive info including your bank card numbers, date of birth, password, email, PIN or any other sensitive data.
  • There are no attachments in mails! PayPal does not send files in its messages at all.
  • No urgent prompts to click links! PayPal messages do not create a false sense of urgency.
  • PayPal always use your first and last name! As a general rule, Scam messages begin with a generic greeting such as “Dear Customer”, “Sir” or “Madam”, and original PayPal messages always begin with the customer’s full name.

In general, if you receive a message from PayPal, it is always best to avoid the message and go directly to the wallet using the app or browser.

PayPal Company Info

PayPal Wallet was first launched in 2000 after a successful merger of and Confinity. Over the next two years, PayPal has developed greatly, especially as it was the main payment method on eBay. Then more and more virtual stores and traditional stores combined PayPal and later became one of the most popular payment methods available in the world.


Not all non GamStop casinos accept PayPal. However, on this page we have collected for you the best casinos that accept this method. Fortunately, there are not huge differences in the important details about fees and processing times for transactions.

FAQ About PayPal Casinos

Why is it not possible to deposit at PayPal casinos?

Recently PayPal suspended its cooperation with many casinos, with the exception of casinos that are licensed by the UKGC. Therefore, we recommend that you consider PayPal alternatives which include bank cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, e-wallets, and cryptos.

What are the alternatives to PayPal at casinos without a GameStop?

Fortunately, you can find plenty of alternative methods at casinos without GamStop which include bank cards, e-wallets, and cryptos.

Can I still withdraw my money using PayPal?

Anyone who has deposited money at PayPal casinos is wondering if they can withdraw their winnings using the same medium.

Will there be special rewards for PayPal users?

Although the PayPal wallet is widely available, casinos do not offer their users special bonuses.

Is PayPal safe to use?

PayPal has been around for more than 20 years, almost as long as the internet itself. In that long time, the service has built up an excellent reputation. Paying at PayPal casino provides excellent privacy protection. It is almost impossible for a hacker to intercept a transaction or break into an account. In short, PayPal is a very safe online payment method.

How does PayPal compare to similar methods?

PayPal is most similar to other e-wallets. The service provides a simple and flexible way to pay and receive money online. In addition, the protection that PayPal offers to its users is of the highest class. However, the service sometimes charges transaction costs on money received and the service is not available at nearly as many casinos as some other payment services.

How long does a PayPal deposit at the casino take?

That varies considerably from casino to casino. However, a withdrawal at a PayPal casino often takes longer than a deposit.

Are PayPal casinos available on mobile?

The payment services that an online casino uses on its website are separate from use on mobile devices. There are many PayPal casinos that are just as easy to use on a smartphone as they are on the computer. Other websites have a smaller selection of games that are suitable for mobile use or are not available for that. Our reviews of each PayPal casino state whether that gambling site is suitable for mobile use. is a review site and places links to the products, which doesn't affect your purchaise price, we use profit to improve our services. Disclaimer: Online Gambling is illegal in some Jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to check your local regulations before playing online. GPoint Media Ltd takes no responsibility for your actions. © 2022 GPoint Media Limited. All Rights Reserved. is a registered trademark of GPoint Media Limited. 34 Bloomsbury Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1B 3QJ. Gambling can be addictive. Please play Responsibly