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Bitcoin Casinos? Bitcoin was created in 2009 by the pseudonymous person who developed bitcoin who has never been seen before, yet Bitcoin has been able to revolutionize the industry of digital payments, online gambling, virtual shopping, hotels, restaurants, and charities.

TOP Non GamStop Bitcoin Casinos

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Last Updated: 6 October 2022

Slots Muse
100 FS Bonus
500% in total 5 deposits
a max value of €5,000 and 750 fs 🎠
T&Cs apply
Twinky Wins
100% Bonus x35W
the first 5 deposits
a max value of €5,000 and 875 free spins 🎯
T&Cs apply
Yummy Wins
12% Bonus
From €40
x1 wager bonus which can be worth up to €1,000 😋
T&Cs apply
Shiny Joker
120% Bonus
From €10-40
triple welcome bonus which can be worth up to €3,000 🃏
T&Cs apply
Bonus Strike Casino
100% Bonus
From €40
up to €1,000 bonus strike! +100FS 🥌
T&Cs apply
Slottio Casino
450% Bonus
From €20
Get your 3x welcome bonus of up to €3,500! 🚀
T&Cs apply
Richy Fish
475% Bonus
From €40
GET your 3x welcome bonus of up to €3,000! 🪝
T&Cs apply
Casa Boonga
200% Bonus
450% in total 3 deposits
a max value of €3500 🚀
T&Cs apply
Papaya Wins
450% Bonus
Min dep €40
Get your 3x welcome bonus of up to €3,000! 🌴
T&Cs apply
Jimmy Winner
525% Bonus
Min dep €10 - €40
Start your triple welcome bonus of up to €3,000! 👯
T&Cs apply
Voodoo Wins
175% Bonus
From more than €40 deposit
You will start your triple welcome bonus of up to €3,000! 🇮🇴
T&Cs apply
400% Bonus
From €25 deposit
Get your triple welcome bonus of up to €3,000!
T&Cs apply
Jammy Jack
150% Bonus
From more than €30 deposit
You will start your journey here with a six-stage welcome bonus of up to €6,000!
T&Cs apply
Winner Casino
400% Bonus
From $25 deposit
You will get a great offer of 400% up to €4,000 and 100 free spins.
T&Cs apply
Hawaii Spins
200% Bonus
From more than €40 deposit
Immediately after making the first deposit you can get a fantastic bonus of 200% up to 1,000 euros.
T&Cs apply
525% Bonus
Min dep €20
2x welcome bonus of up to €1,000!
T&Cs apply
JellyBean Casino
100% Bonus
From more than €20 deposit
up to €1,000 and 20 fs. 🎲
T&Cs apply
Richy Reels
100% Bonus
From more than €40 deposit
New players can get the rare no deposit bonus of €10 by simply signing up at the casino
T&Cs apply
Fire Scatters
450% Bonus
From more than €30 deposit
The percentage of bonuses for 3 deposits is 450% and the max value of the welcome offer is €3,000
T&Cs apply
100% Bonus
From more than €20 deposit
up to €1,000 and 20 fs. 🎲
T&Cs apply
Jinx Casino
200% Bonus
Depositing as much as possible, means that you will get a bonus of 3,000 euros in your account along with the value of your deposit as well!
T&Cs apply
Slot Hive
225% Bonus
Min dep €20
Microgaming, NetEnt, Play'nGO! 🍀
T&Cs apply
345 Spins
200% Bonus
from deposit of $20 or more
You can get a bonus of 200% and up to €3,000 on your second deposit.
T&Cs apply
125% Bonus
Min deposit €30
Immediately after making your first deposit, you will get a fantastic bonus of 125% up to €5,000.
T&Cs apply
100% Bonus
an initial deposit of $20 or more
With your first deposit, you will receive a 100% matching bonus of up to €200.
T&Cs apply

BTC and other cryptos are completely decentralized as they are not dependent on traditional banking systems at any stage of their operations.

The list of crypto features also includes accessibility, liquidity, transparency, and potential for high returns.

There are no government regulations restricting the use of Bitcoin and its digital cousins and transactions cannot be refunded or duplicated. There are plenty of e-wallets that support cryptos. Like Neteller, Skrill and Payeer. However, on the downside Bitcoin is subject to very high volatility which means the amount you bought today may give you more or less value depending on the market trend.

At a time when online casinos are trying to accept as many payment methods as possible for players’ deposits and withdrawals, an increasing number of platforms are allowing the use of cryptos to make deposits and withdrawals. Hence, you can use very popular coins to play slots as well as online poker. In this guide, we will give you all the info you need to know about Bitcoin and the GamStop casinos that accept them.

What Is Bitcoin?

The term Bitcoin consists of two words. The first is “bit” which is the unit of binary info in English, and “coin” which refers to the financial exchange system.

Although all currencies can be exchanged electronically, Bitcoin is not dependent on banks, does not work through the swift system. Also, it is not subject to oversight or control by governments. If you can buy pizza with 10,000 Bitcoins, why not play in the casino with bitcoins too?! Online casinos understood this early on and are on the cutting edge of techn, that’s very good!

Bitcoin was invented during 2008 – 2009. Today, Bitcoin has become a currency in its own right – like the dollar, the euro, the British pound, and other fiat currencies. However, Bitcoin is a virtual currency and not a physical one. BTC is limited to 21 million units and is divisible by up to eight decimal places. Today, Bitcoin is the most important and most famous digital currency in the world. It is like the dollar in the virtual universe that Elon Musk called it the “currency of Mars.” In terms of capitalization, the amount of Bitcoin is close to 14 billion euros.

Despite the great features that Bitcoin offers, some people still hold off on it for fear of its mysterious nature. However, we must be aware that Bitcoin is a completely safe coin – your Bitcoins will not be stolen in the street or in a robbery, you have more solid guarantees – This currency is efficient, practical and above all it is perfectly adapted to online casino games.

How Do You Get Bitcoins?

There are two ways to get bitcoin and other cryptos and they are simple and uncomplicated. We leave the complicated alternative to mining here, as it requires a significant investment in mining hardware, electricity, and other things. The easiest and fastest way is to buy digital currencies through one of the global exchanges or electronic wallets.

If you want to exchange fiat currencies for digital currencies, you should choose platforms that support these coins. Note that there are a large number of exchanges that only support cryptos, such as Binance.

Security Aspects of Bitcoin

We have discussed protection when paying with Bitcoin many times before, but without going into more detail. There are some points that we think are important that we will explain in detail in the next section:

Payments Can’t Be Canceled or Reversed

One hears over and over again that Bitcoin is an anonymous. Although this is useful for people who prefer to keep their data secure and confidential. In fact, the competent authorities can access Bitcoin users if they are proven to be involved in a criminal activity such as terrorist financing, electronic fraud, extortion, or money laundering. However, if you intend to use your crypto for legal activities, don’t worry!

You Are Fully Responsible for Your Money

Bitcoin and other coins are completely independent as there is no institution monitoring your balances or restricting your transactions. However, this also means that you are solely responsible for your balance! 

Protect Your Bitcoins Against Theft and Hacks

If you decide to pay in a crypto casino, you have definitely chosen a very secure payment method. Payments are made using the private key (address of your wallet) and the public key (payment address). The key to your wallet is only created once.

Therefore you should definitely pay attention to your private key. If you lose this or it falls into the wrong hands, you no longer have access to your BTCs. The fact that you do not have to provide sensitive bank details at any time also contributes to security.

Crypto Invades Online Casinos

Unless you’ve been playing the internet, TV or radio for more than 6 years, you’ve probably already heard about cryptos and their amazing capabilities.

Cryptos are now an integral part of casinos without GamStop. Years ago, online casinos only supported Bitcoin as the most popular digital currency, but nowadays there are hundreds of casinos without GamStop that support an endless list of cryptos, ensuring users optimum entertainment.

Crypto casinos are not different from other gambling sites in any of their features as they work without downloading and all you have to do is enter the casino platform using your Android or iPhone device to be able to play online.

For both players and casinos, bitcoin and its digital cousins bring unlimited benefits from zero deposit processing fees and withdrawals to tax avoidance. So, if you notice, you will find crypto casinos offering their patrons much more lucrative bonuses than the offers for fiat users.

In addition, the skyrocketing price of Bitcoin during the period between 2018 and 2021 attracted more users to it and to other coins such as LiteCoin, Ethereum or even Ripple.

Although some DarkNet websites have used crypto thugs to launder their money, many e-commerce platforms and e-wallets are now using crypto which has helped democratize crypto in our daily lives.

Non GamStop Casinos Are Also Entering the Crypto World!

Since non GamStop casinos must always remain attentive to their players and constantly adapt to emerging trends, some casinos have decided to introduce crypto as a new payment method.

Before you choose an online casino without GamStop that accepts bitcoin you should make sure that it is completely safe for your financial and personal data. The year 2021 saw only five hacking and scams in crypto worth over $4 billion, perhaps the most notable of all being the Africrypt platform incident.

Another standard to consider is rewards. In fact, some casinos without GamStop offer their players a customized bonus pack that includes welcome offers, new deposit bonuses, and free spins. Furthermore, there are some casinos that offer Bitcoin and other crypto users’ special bonuses that you can get from time to time to increase your bankroll and get more chances of winning.

Pros and Cons of Crypto Non GamStop Casinos

Using bitcoin, or any other crypto, to play at an online casino has a lot of great features. Making deposit and withdrawal is very fast which will allow players to start playing right away and also withdraw their winnings in just a few seconds. In contrast, a classic conversion takes several days.

Bitcoin is also a very safe payment method where all your transactions are encrypted and protected giving you optimum protection and reducing the risk of hacking. In addition, cryptos are not dependent on traditional banks or any traditional intermediary. Also, these coins can be exchanged without the need for any intermediary, as well as exchanged without any fees.

The good news here is that crypto saves a lot of money for all players. You can get the full value of your deposit without any taxes or fees being imposed on you. For those who do not want to spread their passion for gambling, all transactions made in crypto are completely anonymous.

Is Bitcoin Compatible With Online Casinos?

Due to the virtual nature of bitcoin, it is perfectly adapted to online casinos for a simple reason: they develop in the same universe, the virtual world. In addition, Bitcoin and online casinos are on the same page. These casinos are compatible with all smartphones and tablets and you can easily access them through the browser or by downloading the casino app or sports betting site. Furthermore, Bitcoin, via its secure electronic system, serves as a guarantee for deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. So, it is not surprising that there are dozens of online casinos that accept bitcoins and more sites are adding to their platform every day.

Bitcoins Deposit

Bitcoin deposits in non GamStop casinos are made instantly. Thus, you will not have to wait to use Bitcoin in the games offered by some casinos. However, this varies from casino to casino. This is where trusted review sites like ours come in to recommend the best bitcoin casinos that you can sign up for through your smartphone or tablet.

Overall, the process is quite simple, assuming you already own an e-wallet and it contains some balances of bitcoin or another coin, you can sign up for a crypto casino.

First, you should check that the casino or sports betting site accepts the digital currency you have chosen. After that, you can go to the cashier section and search for the private code for your digital wallet or crypto gateway that you are using. You can now open your Bitcoin wallet, choose the amount you want to deposit, paste the casino address in the “Send to” tab, and complete the process. You should access your casino account within a few minutes.

Bitcoins Withdrawals

Assuming you have cleared all wagering requirements, the next step will be to request a withdrawal of your winnings.

Now, all you have to do is go back to the casino, go to the cashier page. Then, select the “Withdraw” option. Next, enter the amount, copy your bitcoin wallet address, and confirm the process. Again, it won’t take more than ten minutes or so for you to get your winnings. While processing Bitcoin and other crypto transactions at online casinos, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, you should know that any crypto transfer is irreversible, as is the case with traditional payment method. Second, small fees may apply for both deposits and withdrawals. Finally, you should make sure that the casino or e-wallet you are using will not charge you fees.

Bonuses for Bitcoin Users at Non GamStop Casinos

One of the strengths of Bitcoin and other cryptos is the rewards and promos that users can get. For example, when you receive a 100% welcome bonus of up to 5 bitcoins. Of course, the value of this offer is much more than the offers offered by regular casinos. It is also possible to get reload bonuses of 15% up to 50%. It is also not uncommon for casinos to offer their users free spins, cashback bonuses and other offers.

To get to know all the offers and bonuses that a particular Bitcoin casino has to offer, you have to read all the terms and conditions of the casino where the surprises are often in terms of size.

Would you rather play with a crypto like Bitcoin in an online casino? Then, you’ve come to the right place, because you can find out everything about payments at bitcoin casinos. Which games await you? All this and much more awaits you on this page.

The aim of this review is to provide you with all the important details about the Bitcoin Casino. You will learn everything about the bonus offers, the latest providers and get an explanation of the deposits and withdrawals. Last but not least, you will learn some facts about this payment method.

Best Bitcoin Casinos not on gamstop

If you want to start playing right away, we have provided our best bitcoin casinos top list for you here. These casinos are all licensed, all have a great game suite and guarantee you a great bonus for new customers. In addition, you can also play games of these casinos on your smartphone or tablet.

After all, Bitcoin casinos are designed to be responsive. This means that the casino sites adapts to the screen size of your mobile device.

To find the best bitcoin casino, there are a set of testing standards that we depend on in order to be able to sort the black sheep and they are as follows:

  • Valid gambling license under applicable EU law
  • Large variety of top games
  • Fast and secure payment methods
  • Regular checks of payout rates
  • Mobile app for smartphones and tablets
  • Great live dealer section
  • Competent customer service
  • Free signup
  • User-friendly website

These are our points of comparison to determine the best non GamStop casinos for UK players. Therefore, we can be sure that I have extensively tested all Bitcoin casinos for you. Only if these test points are met will we recommend one of the casinos for you.

What Awaits You in Bitcoin Casinos?

So that you know what the best Bitcoin casinos have to offer you, we will go into certain topics in more detail. Below you will find the most important topics for new players. One click is enough and you will automatically jump to the area that interests you:

  • A high bitcoin casino bonus including free spins.
  • Secure Transactions.
  • Games from top software developers

New Bitcoin Casinos

From time to time new online casinos pop up in the iGaming market. Therefore, there is always a new casino with Bitcoin deposit. It may take a while before we introduce you to new casinos, because new casinos must first be checked.

It is best to save the page and check back regularly to be always up to date. As soon as a provider meets all test criteria, I will present the provider to you here.

Bitcoin Casinos Games From Top Providers Are Waiting for You

Whether you are looking for an online slots casino or looking for specific game creators. Leading providers offer you a variety of games from the best developer studios. Below we have compiled a list by studios types for you.

In online casinos with Bitcoin you will find the largest software creators such as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech. But smaller studios such as Thunderkick and Pragmatic Play.

The best slot provider offers you a great variety of slots. From classic fruit slots to modern video slots like Wild Swarm by Push Gaming.

Unfortunately, the Merkur and Novoline titles are no longer offered in online casinos. The manufacturer Play’n GO presents you with great alternatives to these classics. For example, the slot Lady of Fortune is strongly reminiscent of the Novoline title Lucky Lady’s Charme.

But enthusiastic fans of the table games roulette and blackjack will also get their money’s worth from the providers. You will find a great selection of roulette and blackjack variants at our recommended online casinos.

  • Slots
  • Video poker
  • Scratch cards
  • Keno
  • Baccarat
  • Bingo
  • Dream catcher
  • Soccer Studio
  • Sic Bo

As you can see, you will find almost all casino games in a Bitcoin online casino. Video poker titles such as Deuces Wild and Joker Poker are becoming increasingly popular, as are live titles such as Dream Catcher, Football Studio and Lightning Roulette.

What Other Digital Currencies Are Available?

Although Bitcoin grabs all the headlines when talking about cryptos, there are hundreds of other options available to all users.

These alternatives can be better for users in terms of value, wider usability, and zero fees.

Although Bitcoin is the first major crypto to hit the market since it first appeared in 2009, many other cryptos are now very popular even if not as big as the original.

In the next part, we will discuss the most prominent cryptos from the total value of the dollar, ie the market value. You can easily buy any of these currencies through e-wallets or trading platforms.

Ethereum (ETH)

  • Price: $1,110
  • Market value: $134 billion

Although people know Ethereum as a crypto, it is an all-in-one crypto platform. The system on which this coin is based allows it to perform a number of functions including being usable at online casinos and sports betting sites as well.

Tether (USDT)

  • Price: $1.00
  • Market value: $70 billion

Tether price is fixed at $1 per coin. This is because it is called a stable coin. Stable coins are tied to a specific asset. In the case of the Tether, it is pegged to the US dollar. The creators of this currency note that users switch from one crypto to another. So, they created Tether for people to use as a method to trade instead of the dollar. Note, however, that Tether does not hold any dollar reserves, but rather uses a short-term form of unsecured debt.


  • Price: $1.00
  • Market value: $55 billion

Just like tether, USDC is a stable coin pegged to the dollar which means its value does not fluctuate, in theory. The founders of this coin attempted to remedy the error in tether by linking it to fully held assets or assets with an “equivalent fair value”. In fact, the value of this currency did not fluctuate like previous currencies.


  • Price: $0.3177
  • Market value: $16 billion

XRP offers its users a method that supports payment in different real world currencies. What distinguishes this currency is that its value is very low, as well as it is more suitable for cross-border transactions.

Solana (SOL)

  • Price: $32.16
  • Market value: $11 billion

This new crypto enjoys is very fast in completing transactions. The overall robustness of its platform, and the max issuance of these coins is more than 480 million coins.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

  • Price: $0.0569
  • Market value: $8 billion

Dogecoin was created as a joke after the launch of Bitcoin. This digital currency takes its name from the famous Shiba Inu dog meme. Unlike previous cryptos, no limits for issuing Dogecoin units.

Fees & Limits

In most cases, you will not incur any costs or fees with the Bitcoin casinos. If, contrary to expectations, this is the case, you will be informed of this in the payment info. However, if you want to purchase BTCs, there may be fees ranging from 0.2% to 3%. These vary by trading exchange.

You should also remember that purchasing a wallet can incur fees, depending on what kind of digital wallet you want to purchase. For example, while you get online wallets for free, offline wallets can incur fees.

Beware of Crypto Fluctuations

Before switching from a classic casino to a Bitcoin casino, you should understand the drawbacks. Crypto is still a new world, which means that you need a little practice to master how to use it without errors that can cost you a lot of money.

The first thing you need to understand is that digital currencies are volatile in nature. In general, decentralization means extremely volatile exchange rates even within a single day. This is very good news because as the bitcoin price goes up your profits will increase, but other than that, it can dwindle. However, a simple solution to this dilemma is to closely monitor the evolution of the price of your crypto before converting it to dollars or euros as soon as its price starts to fall. Therefore, betting on Bitcoin requires a lot of vigilance.

It is also important to be vigilant when creating your digital wallet. There are some e-wallets that charge more fees than others. So, it is important that you take the time to find the most suitable e-wallet for you. Make sure to use the platform with two identification locks and to choose the most complex passwords. In fact, this negative point also applies to regular e-wallets and internet banks. So, if bitcoin’s volatility doesn’t scare you, you can move on to the next step, which is to select your crypto casino!

Bitcoin Casinos: Conclusion

If you want to play with a Bitcoin casino, you choose a secure payment method that operates independently of central banks. Therefore, you can use this currency worldwide. Another positive aspect is that you do not have to reveal any bank info at any time.

Bitcoin convinces above all with the fast transactions. However, there are also a few negative aspects that you should know if you want to play at a Bitcoin casino. We didn’t like that you have to have a wallet without being able to buy BTCs. Therefore, it requires a little preparation if you want to play with a provider with this payment method.

Buying this crypto also comes with fees that vary depending on the platform. Therefore, you should consider in advance how much you want to deposit into a Bitcoins casino with the payment method.

FAQ About Bitcoin Casinos

We hope we were able to help you with our comparison and could give you the answers you were looking for. However, it can always happen that some questions remain unanswered. So, we will try to provide you with answers in the following FAQ.

Is there a Bitcoin Casino no deposit bonus?

We could not find a no deposit bonus from one of the casinos. Should there be such an offer in the future, you will of course be the first to know about it here on this page.

Where to buy Bitcoin?

There are several platforms where you can purchase the cryptocurrency for a fee if you don’t want to or can’t mine it yourself. You can find more information about buying bitcoins and how they work here.

How does the casino bitcoin deposit work?

The Bitcoin deposit in an online casino works in a few steps. The basic requirement is that you have a wallet and bitcoins. After that, all you have to do is follow my step by step instructions. is a review site and places links to the products, which doesn't affect your purchaise price, we use profit to improve our services. Disclaimer: Online Gambling is illegal in some Jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to check your local regulations before playing online. GPoint Media Ltd takes no responsibility for your actions. © 2022 GPoint Media Limited. All Rights Reserved. is a registered trademark of GPoint Media Limited. 34 Bloomsbury Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1B 3QJ. Gambling can be addictive. Please play Responsibly