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We understand that entering your bank card details online can be a hassle. Although 99.9% of non GamStop casinos protect your financial and personal data with the most advanced security protocols, sometimes you may want to have extra peace of mind – this is where Paysafecard really shines! Paysafecard MasterCard is a prepaid virtual debit card that you can purchase with the value that you set yourself and allows you to conduct your transactions without revealing your bank card number or other personal details. Also, In contrast to conventional credit cards, the paysafecard prepaid card draws on an existing balance. Thus, there is no possibility of exceeding your predetermined budget.

TOP Non GamStop Paysafecard Alternative Casinos

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Last Updated: 6 October 2022

Slots Muse
100 FS Bonus
500% in total 5 deposits
a max value of €5,000 and 750 fs 🎠
T&Cs apply
Twinky Wins
100% Bonus x35W
the first 5 deposits
a max value of €5,000 and 875 free spins 🎯
T&Cs apply
Yummy Wins
12% Bonus
From €40
x1 wager bonus which can be worth up to €1,000 😋
T&Cs apply
Shiny Joker
120% Bonus
From €10-40
triple welcome bonus which can be worth up to €3,000 🃏
T&Cs apply
Bonus Strike Casino
100% Bonus
From €40
up to €1,000 bonus strike! +100FS 🥌
T&Cs apply
Slottio Casino
450% Bonus
From €20
Get your 3x welcome bonus of up to €3,500! 🚀
T&Cs apply
Richy Fish
475% Bonus
From €40
GET your 3x welcome bonus of up to €3,000! 🪝
T&Cs apply
Casa Boonga
200% Bonus
450% in total 3 deposits
a max value of €3500 🚀
T&Cs apply
Papaya Wins
450% Bonus
Min dep €40
Get your 3x welcome bonus of up to €3,000! 🌴
T&Cs apply
Jimmy Winner
525% Bonus
Min dep €10 - €40
Start your triple welcome bonus of up to €3,000! 👯
T&Cs apply
Voodoo Wins
175% Bonus
From more than €40 deposit
You will start your triple welcome bonus of up to €3,000! 🇮🇴
T&Cs apply
400% Bonus
From €25 deposit
Get your triple welcome bonus of up to €3,000!
T&Cs apply
Jammy Jack
150% Bonus
From more than €30 deposit
You will start your journey here with a six-stage welcome bonus of up to €6,000!
T&Cs apply
Winner Casino
400% Bonus
From $25 deposit
You will get a great offer of 400% up to €4,000 and 100 free spins.
T&Cs apply
Hawaii Spins
200% Bonus
From more than €40 deposit
Immediately after making the first deposit you can get a fantastic bonus of 200% up to 1,000 euros.
T&Cs apply
525% Bonus
Min dep €20
2x welcome bonus of up to €1,000!
T&Cs apply
JellyBean Casino
100% Bonus
From more than €20 deposit
up to €1,000 and 20 fs. 🎲
T&Cs apply
Richy Reels
100% Bonus
From more than €40 deposit
New players can get the rare no deposit bonus of €10 by simply signing up at the casino
T&Cs apply
Fire Scatters
450% Bonus
From more than €30 deposit
The percentage of bonuses for 3 deposits is 450% and the max value of the welcome offer is €3,000
T&Cs apply
100% Bonus
From more than €20 deposit
up to €1,000 and 20 fs. 🎲
T&Cs apply
Jinx Casino
200% Bonus
Depositing as much as possible, means that you will get a bonus of 3,000 euros in your account along with the value of your deposit as well!
T&Cs apply
Slot Hive
225% Bonus
Min dep €20
Microgaming, NetEnt, Play'nGO! 🍀
T&Cs apply
345 Spins
200% Bonus
from deposit of $20 or more
You can get a bonus of 200% and up to €3,000 on your second deposit.
T&Cs apply
125% Bonus
Min deposit €30
Immediately after making your first deposit, you will get a fantastic bonus of 125% up to €5,000.
T&Cs apply
100% Bonus
an initial deposit of $20 or more
With your first deposit, you will receive a 100% matching bonus of up to €200.
T&Cs apply

Due to the exceptional perks offered by this method, it has become very popular among users and non GamStop casinos alike. The Paysafecard can also be suitable for players who want to stick to a special budget as once the card balance is exhausted, there is no overdraft. So, if the player wants to get more casino credits, he has to buy another card if he wants to make another payment. Of course, the process of buying a new card and depositing it in the casino requires the player to think twice if he really wants to continue playing or not!

At a Paysafecard casino the player can buy playing credit with a prepaid payment card. The Paysafecard can be bought in many different places in our country and is accepted at thousands of non GamStop casinos, exactly like any other MasterCard card.

Gamblers who play at a Paysafecard casino also mention the high payment convenience. Putting new balance on a casino account is a matter of buying a Paysafecard, typing in a code, and voilà, you can play for money right away!

What Is Paysafecard?

The Paysafecard is an electronic payment method for real money transactions on the Internet works on the prepaid principle which can be used anywhere in the world where Mastercard is accepted. The prepaid card is available in denominations – US$10, $25, $50, or $100, but note that the price will include a small fee that ranges between $1.49 and $3.49. The card consists of a 16-PIN code, expiry date, and CVV code that you simply copy from the Paysafecard site to pay at your casino.

The company is part of the Paysafe Group based in Vienna, Austria. Many gas stations and post offices sell the card. You can also buy cards online easily.

How Paysafecard Works?

The paysafecard is a top-up card that you can purchase for cash at numerous points of sale in the UK. These include kiosks, petrol stations and post offices. This is one of the biggest perks: In order to use the payment service to deposit real money in non GamStop casinos, you do not have to make a registration.

The payment provider has no access to your personal data or the purpose of the transaction. Since there is no registration, the card is considered a very anonymous payment method.

You can purchase top-up cards with a max value of €100. However, you always have the option of redeeming several top-up cards in a row. So you are not dependent on the mentioned limit when making your deposit in the non GamStop Paysafecard casinos.

Payouts are not possible with the top-up card. If you want to have your winnings paid out, you will be asked by the casino to choose an alternative payment method. In most cases this is the bank transfer. You can find more info in the general terms and conditions of you non GamStop casino.

How to Use Paysafecard in Non GamStop Casinos?

Using the card at non GamStop casino is very simple: 

  • At a non GamStop casino, you can choose to top up your casino account via card in the cashier section.
  • To pay, enter your 16-digit PIN and select a real money amount from your credit balance. You do not have to transfer the entire balance of the prepaid card if you want to use your card for other purposes.
  • After confirming the deposit, the deposit amount will be added to your casino account. You can start or continue your real money game directly.
  • The casino will transfer your welcome bonus to your casino account.

If the 16-digit PIN is too long for you, you can register for a card account for free. This works like an e-wallet and you can save the number of your prepaid card there. You can then enter your card username and password to pay. Also, you can manage your PINs using the mobile app.

Since Paysafecard is supported as a payment method by the most of non GamStop casinos, this type of deposit is a real alternative to credit cards, e-wallets or bank transfer.

How to Deposit With Paysafecard?

Would you like to pay with card in your casino? The Paysafecard deposit is uncomplicated and done in just a few steps. Once you have your card at hand, go to the non GamStop casino and proceed as follows:

  • Enter the casino and click on the “Deposit” tab.
  • Select paysafecard (if it is not available, select Mastercard)
  • Enter the desired amount and the 16-digit PIN code of your top-up card
  • Tick the confirmation box of the general terms and conditions
  • The amount will be credited to your player account

How to withdraw your winnings?

If you want to withdraw your winnings from the casino, you must use an alternative payment method since withdrawing with a paysafecard is not possible. Once you call up Payment Options, you will get an overview of the available payment methods. You can learn how to do this in detail in the following instructions:

  • Click on the “Payment” option in your account
  • Select your financial instrument
  • Enter the required amount
  • Check and confirm your info
  • The amount will be credited to your account

Is Paysafecard Reliable?

Depositing with Paysafecard at a non GamStop casino is perhaps the most reliable way to gamble online. Because a prepaid card is used, the player does not have to enter any bank details or personal info at the casino. The online payment is therefore reliable. Also, the company behind Paysafecard, which was founded in 2000, has an excellent reputation.

However, with this payment service there is a chance that a card will be lost or stolen. This risk is smaller if you order the payment cards online from a reliable web shop. If the card is stolen or lost, you can block the code immediately.

Do Paysafecard Casinos Differ in the Games They Offer?

Players can use the card as a means of payment at many different online casinos. In addition to bank transfer, iDEAL, the e-wallets Skrill and Neteller and the two largest credit cards, Paysafecard is the most important way to sell playing credit at an online casino.

There is no direct link between whether a casino accepts Paysafecard and its range of games. But the Paysafecard is available in so many casinos that you can play any kind of casino game you want. Slots, table games, sports betting, bingo and live games are available in every non GamStop casino. There is always a Paysafecard casino that offers the desired games. Some casinos are highly specialized in a certain type of games, for example slots or sports betting.

Benefits of Paysafecard

There are a lot of great benefits that push you to make Paysafecard the number one payment method for making your payments in casinos without GamStop, the most prominent of which are the following:

Widely Available

Since Paysafecard is based on Mastercard this means that it is available at almost all online casinos. Thus, players will have no difficulty in finding the right Paysafecard casino and players will have a wide choice if they want to move to another casino.

Paysafe Mobile Pay

Online casino banking with your mobile device also follows the simple principle of the prepaid card. In the mobile casino, entering the PIN is quick and easy. Paysafecard also offers an app for Android, iPhone and iPad. You can use it to find sales outlets, manage your PINs, check credit and even take part in offers.

Secure Deposits 

When using the prepaid card, third parties or unauthorized persons can never spy on or hack your bank details or credit card data, since these are not used and are not linked to Paysafecard. Not even your name or address can get into the wrong hands. If you ever lose a PIN, the damage is limited, since you only have to write off the credit on a single card. 

Paysafecard Offers a Handy Wallet!

Paysafecard wallet allows you to keep an overview of your prepaid paysafecard codes. It allows you to pay easily and securely online – using only your login details.

Easy & Seamless Payment Method

The user can simply buy the card when he goes shopping or online. After that, he can enter the card details at the checkout area of ​​the casino and make the deposit process easily. This makes the Paysafecard an ideal tool for players who want to get fed up and want to start playing quickly.

No Account Creation Is Required

To use the Paysafecard the player does not have to create an account and there is no prior procedure for using this card. This card can be purchased with cash or on the Internet, this means that the user knows for sure that his money and personal data are completely protected.

Please note that Paysafecard is a one-way payment method. That means you cannot use the prepaid card for withdrawals and you have to look for another withdrawal option. Depending on the casino, the choice may be limited and sometimes you will need to make a bank transfer. The disadvantage here is the relatively long processing time.

Deposit/ Withdrawal Limits

There is also an upper limit to the deposits a player can make. These maximum limits for a cash deposit are high, often around $10,000 to $50,000. Players who want to play for even higher amounts can sign up for a VIP program at some casinos, where the withdrawal limits can exceed €1 million. There may be an exception for players who are not yet 25 years old: they can sometimes put less money into their account in one go than older players.

At online casino, a player has the chance to win jackpots of millions of euros – and of course also smaller winnings from a game of blackjack or roulette. How much of that won money can he withdraw at once? And some betting sites don’t even have withdrawal limits at all. At Holland Casino, for example, there is no upper limit for a cash withdrawal.

What Is Important When Evaluating Non GamStop Casinos? 

The Paysafecard prepaid card is an ideal payment method for all players who do not want to reveal any personal financial details on the Internet or who want to use a payment method that works as easily as cash.

The prepaid card is available at points of sale throughout the country for specific amounts, which are then booked as real money credit in the online casino. Your casino account cannot be linked to your credit card or checking account in this way. If you are also otherwise concerned about the security and protection of your personal data, you should use our top list of trustworthy and reputed casino sites.

When choosing our recommendations, our site experts paid special attention to such standards as protection, licensing, gaming selection and customer service. Only when the casino meets these points and can achieve a rating above average, we recommend it to our customers. In addition to the collection of games, this also means that you will receive at least a 100% welcome bonus when you deposit with a Paysafecard.

Standards of the Best Non GamStop Casinos

For our test, we put the best reputed casino to the test. Some recommendable casinos have stood out. Whether on the home PC or via mobile app. On this page, you can find out what distinguishes our test winners and what bonus offers and special features players in the UK can expect.

Despite their different strengths, the casinos listed convinced us with their overall package. Whether through games or a user-friendly platform – each one offers you an entertaining experience. But all casinos we recommend also have the following in common: A high level of security and protection against fraud. It is not for nothing that our recommendations belong to the safe non GamStop casinos for the UK players.

It was our aim to provide you with an overview of the best non GamStop casinos with paysafecard based on quality standards that are as objective as possible. To do this, we have worked out a catalog of strict test standards. Individual providers did not make it through our quality assurance – others were all the more convincing. You can find out which criteria were important to me in the following sections.

  • An official gambling license under applicable EU law
  • Fast and secure deposits
  • A large range of games with top software manufacturers
  • A high level of usability and user friendliness
  • Exciting live dealer games
  • A qualified customer service
  • Verified and fair payout rates
  • A mobile app for gaming on the go

As you can see, evaluating a non GamStop casino is quite complex. A good casino offers a convincing minimum level in all of the standards mentioned – and also scores with its individual qualities. In all considerations, one thing should always be in the foreground: your personal preferences. After all, you want an online casino experience that is fun and exciting.

What Awaits You in the Non GamStop Casino With Paysafecard?

In our experience, there are a number of features that are important to players. That is why we present the following points to you in detail in our test report.

  • A good casino bonus for new customers
  • Secure paysafecard deposit in the online casino
  • Great casino games from leading software studios
  • A high level of protection and privacy

Paysafecard Casino Bonus

If you are about to register in a non GamStop casino, you should not miss the welcome bonus. This offer consists of a bonus balance and free spins. Inexperienced players can get even more out of their initial experience when making a deposit.

When choosing the best welcome package, however, you should keep one thing in mind: a Paysafe Casino Bonus is only good when its conditions are so. Because these determine the promotion period and inform you in which game categories you can use your extra credit.

So, it is best to familiarize yourself with the wagering requirements before claiming a welcome offer. All further info can be found on the relevant page for the bonus conditions of your desired casino.

Free Spins

Some casinos give you a welcome bonus with free spins. If you are enthusiastic about online slots, you should not miss the chance.

The providers mentioned are worth a special recommendation. In almost all cases, receiving the free spins is tied to your first online casino paysafecard deposit. In a few cases you will already receive the free spins for your registration. But the same applies here: Study the offer conditions beforehand. This way you can find out whether the bonus really suits you.

Casino Games From Leading Software Studios Await You!

Game selection is at the heart of any successful online casino experience. You can expect online slots, games with live dealers, but also classic table games such as online roulette and blackjack.

Numerous well-known game studios such as:

  • NetEnt
  • NextGen
  • Betsoft
  • Net Ent
  • IGT
  • Amaya Gaming
  • WMS 
  • Betsoft
  • Aristocrat Gaming
  • Rival Gaming
  • Wizard Gaming
  • NuWorks
  • Bally Techs
  • Big Time Gaming
  • Electracade
  • Play’N Go
  • Euro Games Tech
  • Thunderkick
  • Realistic Games

These are the right casinos for different types of players:

Numerous online slots await you in the best non GamStop casinos. These include modern video slots, 3D slots or exciting slots with jackpots. In addition, you can count on classic slots that are reminiscent of the classics from the Merkur online casinos and online casinos with Novoline games. Popular titles such as Blood Suckers and Mega Moolah await you in the casino catalog.

The progressive jackpots are appealing when playing for real money – after all, you are playing for the really big wins here. There are also table games in a wealth of variants, scratch cards or video poker variants. So, undoubtedly different types of players will find something suitable. But in the online casino you also have a completely different advantage: Except for the live dealer games, you can try out all titles as a free demo as soon as you have registered.

More real money games in casinos:

  • Slots
  • Video poker
  • Scratch cards
  • Keno
  • Baccarat
  • Dream catcher
  • Bingo

As you can see, you will also find other game categories in a casino. For example, you can experience a unique retro feeling with video poker. Also baccarat, keno or arcade games offer enough variety from the classic casino everyday life.

Fees & Limits

Both the use of paysafecard and the payment are generally free of charge. Paysafecard casino generally does not cost extra money to pay with the card. You therefore receive the full value of the prepaid card as playing credit. Behind the scenes, the Paysafecard casino itself pays a fee to the payment gateways provider. However, this fee may sometimes be carried over to the player and range from $1.49 to $3.49. Therefore, it is important to read the casino terms first as there are quite a few casinos that pass additional transaction fees to the player. In our reviews we clearly refer to these casinos.

Paysafecard Fees & Limits
Deposit to player accountFree
Validity of the paysafecardUnlimited
FeesFrom the 12th month €2 per month

Security & Anonymity

If you have decided to use paysafecard in a non GamStop casino, you have chosen one of the safest payment methods. In contrast to other payment methods, there is no need to create an account or PIN entry. The unique code on the back of the top-up card is required for payment. If you have the card, no one else has access to it.

Our favorite best casinos all have a valid gaming license from leading regulatory bodies such as the Malta Gaming Committee. This is subject to numerous conditions including protection against money laundering and fraud and regular checks of RTP values and RNGs. This ensures that all reputed casinos operate in accordance with EU law. Strict safety precautions ensure that there is no room for fraud in these casinos.

Info About the Company

The service was founded in 2000 by the original paysafecard GmbH in Vienna, Austria. Initially only available in the DACH region, the top-up card is now available in over 46 countries.

In August 2015, paysafegroup GmbH was taken over by the international investor group Optimal Payments.

As a result, the company form changed from a GmbH to a stock corporation, which henceforth presents itself as Paysafe Group PLC. The group currently employs over 1500 people.

Alternative Payment Methods
KlarnaKlarna does not charge any fees if users go for the “pay in 4” or “pay in 30” service options. For financing option, it charges between a 0 and 24.99% annual percentage rate.


The casinos allow you to make free and fast deposits. You can purchase the cards online or offline – a unique selling point compared to the other payment services. The payment method is suitable for players who value privacy, anonymity and security. In the casinos you can choose from many games and attractive bonus offers. Coupled with an official gambling license, this results in great conditions for a successful online casino experience. On the negative side, there is no payout via paysafecard. If you want to withdraw your winnings, you have to choose an alternative method. If paying by top-up card is still right for you, there are a number of notable online casinos available to you.

FAQ About Paysafecard Casinos

What kind of non GamStop casinos accept Paysafecard?

There are many different types of casinos that support this payment method. A casino can have a license from Curacoa or other foreign license, offer slots or sports betting, and have many or few games in house.

Is it safe to use Paysafecard?

For a payment in a casino it is not necessary to enter personal data or bank account number. Logging in to the banking environment is also not necessary. The 16 digit code on the card is all the Paysafecard casino needs for the transaction.

How is Paysafecard similar to other payment method?

Paysafecard has a large number of perks: it is completely secure and has the same ease of payment as a credit card. In addition, this method is available at many online casinos. The perks are the fact that one has to buy a card over and over again. Furthermore, the payment service is not available in most cases to withdraw winnings and also some casinos do not give bonuses to users of this card.

How long does a Paysafecard deposit at the casino take?

Another reason to play at a Paysafecard casino is the fast transaction of this service. As with the iDeal banking service, it generally does not take long before the credit from the card is in the casino account. In many cases, the player can continue playing with the new credit within a few seconds or minutes. Exactly how long a Paysafecard deposit takes differs per casino. In our reviews and on the website of each Paysafecard casino there is an indication of the transaction duration.

Can a player also use Paysafecard to withdraw money?

There are a few Paysafecard casinos where it is also possible to withdraw a profit made through this payment service. It is necessary for the winning player to create a Paysafecard account. That account works the same as an e-wallet. Also, some casinos offer the option to deposit money into that account. The payout page of each Paysafecard casino lists which services are available for a payout and we also indicate this in our Paysafecard casino reviews.

How do you open a Paysafecard account?

Players do not need to open an account to play at a Paysafecard casino. However, you can create an e-wallet account (OurPaysafecard) via the website of the service. If desired, the credit of new cards and also payments will appear on this account. is a review site and places links to the products, which doesn't affect your purchaise price, we use profit to improve our services. Disclaimer: Online Gambling is illegal in some Jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to check your local regulations before playing online. GPoint Media Ltd takes no responsibility for your actions. © 2022 GPoint Media Limited. All Rights Reserved. is a registered trademark of GPoint Media Limited. 34 Bloomsbury Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1B 3QJ. Gambling can be addictive. Please play Responsibly